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Amazon Seller Business Management Software

NeonPanel Features

Lightning Dashboards

Lightning Dashboards

Interactive and customizable dashboards provide a clear view of your business' performance and valuation. Take control of your business and drive growth with our advanced monitoring and reporting tools.

Landed Cost

Landed Cost Simplified

Easily track inventory costs in NeonPanel and get an accurate picture of your inventory costs. Landed costs are calculated automatically, and you have the flexibility to distribute them in a way that suits you.

Expense Allocation

Expense Allocation

Simplify expense allocation with our advanced automation system. Multiple unique algorithms will allocate costs to individual SKUs, making it simple for you to analyze expenses at all levels: company, brand, product, and more!

Stock Control

Stock Control

Efficiently manage your inventory with our multi-warehouse system - automatically detect inbound FBA shipments. Keep track of your inventory disposition and always know the whereabouts of your stock.

Inventory Management

Inventory Procurement

Streamline your inventory procurement with powerful tools, including the ability to create purchase orders, track invoices and payments, plan, and keep your stock levels optimized - all in one place.

AWS Data Warehouse

Flexible Access Control

Take control of your organization's security with our flexible access control system. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuable data is secure.

At the center of it all

Integrate with other widely-used tools, and centralize here


Seller Central

Navigating through vast amounts of data Amazon provides can be overwhelming for sellers. NeonPanel simplifies this process through the use of the latest SP API to deeply integrate, process and translate all that data into meaningful information for our users.


QuickBooks Online

Our two-way integration with QBO simplifies accounting for our users. With this integration, businesses using NeonPanel can create a single source of truth for accounting and financial data - all in one place.


3PL Logistics

Streamline your inventory management with our 3PL integration. Automatically retrieve stock levels and associated costs from your 3rd party warehouses and load them into NeonPanel.

Virtual Case Studies

How NeonPanel Retrieves Your Amazon Seller Business History and Simplifies Tax Return Filing
One Inventory Purchase Order Shipped Partially to Multiple Countries and Warehouses

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Safe and effective data governance

Your data's safety is our priority. Your critical information will be stored in a container, where nobody will have access to it, except our system. Our staff don't have access to any business data.

Flexible, and granular roles-based access control (RBAC) allows you to choose which team members see which pages, accounts, brands or even products within your account, ensuring you comply and follow - or establish - effective data governance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We proactively support new users in a variety of ways. From 1-1 or conference calls, to ticketing systems or chat support, to an extensive and ever growing Knowledge Base, we help new members feel comfortable using NeonPanel.
Besides email & ticketing system, we also provide support via Twitter, Telegram, Slack or a video conference call with a consultant or member of support.
There are many tools out there. Some automate accounting, some provide useful analytics, still others help manage inventory. NeonPanel does all of these - in one place, and much more. We provide value by centralising data about core business functions and helping automate & improve their management.
Yes, you can absolutely integrate your existing QBO account. We built a deep two-way sync, give greater financial visibility. And we automated COGS calculations to save you even more time on bookkeeping.
When you activate an Amazon Seller Central integration with NeonPanel, we import 90 Days worth of data from you account - the maximum the API permits. Contact us, if you need more days.

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Quick Introduction

Check out our system screenshots to get a feel for the software. For a better understanding of NeonPanel, request a full demo with our manager. Experience the features and benefits firsthand. Schedule your demo today!

What Our Users Say

About Us

As former Amazon Sellers, we know the struggles of managing an Amazon Business. We couldn't find a satisfying solution for our business, so we created it. NeonPanel is a platform that streamlines core business functions and puts critical information at your fingertips. It is a one-of-a-kind management software that has no analogues, where we are not just a software provider, but a partner in your success. Our goal is to help you grow, and make your journey as an Amazon Seller simpler.

We love the tools that are already out there for Amazon Sellers, and we're not here to compete with them. Instead, we brought something new to the table and want to enhance it by integrating with as many providers as possible to make NeonPanel as useful for you as possible.

Join us in our mission to empower Amazon Sellers.

Mike Sorochev | CEO & Co-founder @ NeonPanel


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